raspberry pi 💖 android auto

Crankshaft is a turnkey GNU/Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that transforms it to an Android Auto head unit. Android then displays your apps on the gorgeous screen of the RPi and gives you a car-optimized interface and experience so you can drive distraction-free. No more fumbling with the phone's small screen!
You just need a RPi3 and its 7" touchscreen (or maybe your HDMI touchscreen) and optionally, a microphone for voice control.

Driving demo, Features demo.

Latest version: Alpha 0.2.0 - Released 2018/03/13.
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Can I trust it to work?

It is alpha-level software, so no. It's not an official or even related to or certified by Google or Android. It's totally a hobby. But we hope you give it a try and have fun with it when it's safe to do so.

If you're a developer who is able to compile software on Linux, there is even a greater chance of you being able to get a RPi to work even when Crankshaft doesn't work, by following OpenAuto's instructions.

Phones/Hardware compatibility list
Android tablet as a headunit instead?
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